Free From the Calendar Debate

I’m so glad to be free from the “calendar” debate!

Chasing after the sun, moon and stars to determine when to “appear before the LORD” is so last-year for me.

No offense is meant to those searching these things out now. Keep searching — don’t settle on doing what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it. Be able to give a sound reason for why you do what you do.

I’ve shared some of my notes on my past calendar study for anyone who might be interested in comparing notes with me.

From time to time I go back and make revisions based on newer understanding, but they may not all be updated. So, please, continue to do your own homework on the matter.

Something Changed with Yeshua

It is my understanding that ever since Yeshua/Jesus came on the scene, the ceremonial calendar which was kept by the Levitical priesthood, meant for appointments with the Most High at the place where He placed His name, was taken away from the children of Israel — and anyone else who chose to enter covenant with them…for good reason.

As evidenced by the way so many behave, the “calendar” is used as a power mechanism by some to lord it over the laity, as well as being carried around as either a badge of honor or a heavy burden by others. 🙁

What can we learn from that system? <– That is the key. 

The change that came to pass when the temple was destroyed in 70 AD doesn’t mean we throw out the Old Testament (or whole chunks of it). We must learn from it.

I see the failure to do so is a fundamental flaw in Christianity — instead of teaching/studying about the appointed times of the LORD and gleaning all that can be gleaned from them, they are swept under the carpet as a “Jewish” thing or as being no longer significant since they are no longer applicable.

Besides lacking understanding as to how Jesus/Yeshua “fills up” (aka fulfills) the Law and the Prophets, instead of learning from the mistakes of those who were led astray to practice pagan activity (namely, the children of Israel), many repeat the same mistakes by engaging in their own pagan activities (namely, Christmas and Easter).

Jesus/Yeshua said, until heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or tittle will pass away from the law until all comes to be. [Matthew 5:18]

So, I think it would behoove Christians to read/study the entire Bible, not just select portions of it.

Why? Because the Deceiver is still at large.

Deceiver At Large — Learn the Truth

To think we are immune to the Enemy’s deception is foolish.

We’ve inherited lies, and they need to be exposed by the light of truth.

We have access to the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into the truth, particularly as it pertains to Scripture. Let’s use it.

I believe it is paramount that we understand who the God/god and His Anointed we serve are, lest we not only be ensnared by the Enemy’s wily ways, but also be found guilty of leading others astray.

We must be “refined in the fire”.

Did not John the Baptize say one would come after him to baptize not only in Holy Spirit, but also in fire. (Matthew 3:1; Luke 3:16) What does that mean?

Don’t ever stop being teachable…don’t ever rest on your laurels thinking you know enough to get by. You have not arrived (nor have I)!

Call to Action

  • Keep seeking the Father and His ways,
  • Learn about the Son and what he taught, and
  • Walk it all out, humbly and fearfully.

And may our Heavenly Father grant you peace as you do so. 🙂

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