The Road We’re On

Yeshua/Jesus says that there are two roads: a broad way that leads to destruction and a narrow way that leads toward life. While many of us may desire the way that leads toward life, he said, “few there be that find it”.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:13-14 KJV)

The road we’re on, while we hope is the strait and narrow one, periodically presents us with choices to make concerning our next steps.

two paths-5Sometimes these choices are big and obvious, such as do we believe in a Creator: yes or no?

In a case like this the road splits into two roads, where both are well traveled, and we have to choose to take one or the other.

But oftentimes there are small divergent paths off these main roads we’re on, and they can go unnoticed, primarily due to our being swept up with the mainstream, we don’t bother looking for alternate routes.

When one of those small divergent paths grabs our attention, like when we come across something in the Bible that begs us to question, we are tempted to explore it further.

I call the recognition of one of these divergent paths, The Fork in the Road.  To the traveler who isn’t paying much attention to their surroundings, these forks may appear to be a distraction, but for many of us they are significant.

My Most Significant Forks to Date

There are many divergent paths from the main thoroughfare that I have taken over the years.

Photo of Carrie Wigal in 2013

Carrie Wigal (@messyanic)

These are the most significant forks that I have personally come across thus far, followed by the questions I found myself asking.


What does it mean for us to be holy?

The Law 

Why are we told to only obey some of the Old Testament law, but not all of it? What about the 4th Commandment regarding keeping the 7th day, the Sabbath day, holy, and the Dietary Law that forbids the consumption of certain kinds of meat, such as pig’s meat and shellfish?

The Sabbath Day and the Feasts of the LORD

What does it look like to keep the Sabbath Day and the Feasts of the LORD?

The Calendar: Elements of Time

How do I determine the start of days, weeks, months and years?

The Nature of God

Does the Bible really speak of God in three persons (a.k.a. the trinity doctrine)?

The Nature of Jesus/Yeshua

Was Jesus really born of a virgin without the help of a man (a.k.a. the virgin birth doctrine)?

The Heavens with the Sun, Moon and Stars

Are we really spinning on an axis, and whirling through the heavens around the sun?

The Earth vs. The Land and Seas

Are we really living on a globe or is the earth flat?

The Purpose of Mankind

What is the created purpose of mankind at large?

The Purpose of the Messiah/Christ

What is the purpose of the Messiah?

The Temple in Jerusalem

Is building a third temple a good thing? Why were the first two destroyed?

The Sacrificial System

What was the purpose of the animal sacrifices? Did something change: when and why?

The Consumption of Meat

If mankind was created from the beginning with the intention of specifically eating from the plants and trees, should we be eating the meat of animals? What was the purpose for distinguishing between clean and unclean meat? 

So which direction did I take at each fork, and what was the overall path? I’ll give you a hint: it was a road less traveled in every case. 😉

Your Turn

Please share in the comments below about a fork in the road you’ve experienced or are experiencing now.

3 Responses to The Road We’re On

  1. Ann Singley says:

    Shalom! I was happy to read your thoughts on when a day begins. I have been thinking the same, but you expressed your points so well. In particular, I was impressed with your pointing out The Creator’s deliberate division (divide between) of light from dark and that it is an example of His action and instruction to set apart, by defining, and specifying the difference between light (day) and dark (night). Also, I am a Messianic Misfit, myself, searching for the truth and without local fellowship. I found you through Jackson Snyder who sent me a link for your Sukkot celebration. I wish I could join, but have made commitments that would not enable me to get there before the 12th. I will watch for further events, thought, as I live on the eastern shore of Maryland and possibly could drive to your homestead. Looks great! Blessings and thanks for your insight. Yah has blessed you indeed! A

    • Messyanic says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for sharing. And yes, I found it very revealing to see the kinds of things the Creator made a distinction between.

      I’m sorry you’re unable to come to the camp-out, but yes, we’d love to have you over sometime in the future. We have some things scheduled for the rest of the year on our Events page that might work for you. It’s always nice to hear of others on similar paths living relatively close.

      Shalom to you, too.

  2. Ann Singley says:

    Shalom! Yes I had read this and “The Fork In The Road” and then found this place to reply. What you wrote sounded so much like my walk, almost to the “T.” I have been seeking truth for many years, walking in Torah 8-9 years, and learning from many different Hebrew roots people. As you expressed so well, the deeper I went, the more “messy” the picture became. I recently participated in a course presented by Jackson Snyder, which opened more avenues and raised more questions, I’m not sure where I’m going from here. But I will wait patiently on YHVH, to direct me, as has been my experience in the past. In the meantime, I meet with a group every other Friday PM for Shabbat, that recently came out of Methodist and Catholic denominations and follow the teachings of Michael Rood, who I had been learning from until about a year ago, when questions arose about some of his teachings – namely the calendar and moon Sabbaths. It is true that we need to seek for ourselves and be guided into the truth by the Ruach Chodesh and not rely on other humans alone. I work part-time (Mon. & Tues.) and have a 98-year-old mother in independent living in PA who requires me to be there at times which is why I’m not able to join you for Tabernacles. Your homestead looks beautiful and I hope to see it sometime. Thanks for your welcome, your links and your insights! I don’t do facebook or U-tube unless someone sends me a link for something in particular. Too many voices, too much superfluous stuff for me. A

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