Anti-Virgin Birth Doctrine (DVBD)

Here’s an index of my Blog Posts on the subject of the Virgin Birth Doctrine.

Currently I’m working on putting the finishing touches on two Biblical Study Guides on The Birth of Jesus Christ: According to Luke-Acts and According to Matthew.

Here are some Excerpts from these guides:

I’m also looking forward to producing a series of short Video Presentations specifically addressing the subject of the Virgin Birth doctrine, Jesus’ birth and physical nature, and his purpose as the Messiah/Christ.

And I’m continually working on the following project, updating it nearly on a daily basis:

dismantling-the-virgin-birth-doctrineDismantling the Virgin Birth Doctrine

A Seven Session Series. A Biblical study from the Septuagint, to include Apocryphal literature, in conjunction with the Book of Enoch and New Testament testimony in the case against the Virgin Birth DoctrineRead the Introduction.

Part One: Dismantling the Virgin Birth Doctrine From the Old Testament

Part Two: Dismantling the Virgin Birth From the New Testament

Bonus: A Look at Extra-Biblical Texts