Bible Study Courses

Given my desire to encourage others to study the Bible for themselves, I’m in the process of developing some online Bible Study courses in areas where I have done extensive study myself.

While I have formulated my own opinions and understandings based on my studies, and I gladly share my perspectives to those who might be interested, the thrust of these courses is to encourage personal objective study.

The studies are typically set up as a series of courses on a particular topic. Each course consists of a number of video sessions with corresponding homework assignments. A complete Study Guide is made available as a .pdf with each course.

Here are the Bible Study Courses projected to be released in 2018:

  • In the Beginning – An in-depth study of Genesis 1-6
  • Heaven and Earth – A thorough investigation into what the Bible has to say on both the heaven above and the land on which we live.
  • A Matter of Time – An exhaustive Biblical study of the basic elements of time and the appointed days outlined in Leviticus 23.
  • Fertility and Dominion – A general study on the blessings given to Adam in Genesis 1 and his offspring.
  • The Birth of Jesus Christ – An in-depth study of Luke 1-4 and Matthew 1-2

When it comes to Bible study, I highly recommend using e-Sword Bible Software (FREE download) — it’s what I use. I’ve compiled a list of other Biblical resources I use as well for those interested, and an overview of how I study the Bible, which will demonstrate a bit of my method in developing these courses.

I pray these are a blessing to you.