The Earth and Seas as a Globe Just Doesn’t Add Up

sphere_700We have been fed from early childhood the notion that the earth (& seas) is a globe, without any real physical evidence.

Nobody *discovered* the earth to be spherical. It was just arbitrarily decided and ultimately rammed down our throats.

The notion was conceived in the minds of men…Greek philosophers.

Later the notion was thrown into the mix of mathematical models and the “heliocentric model” came to light, stating the earth is a spinning ball revolving around the sun. Again, with no real physical evidence to suggest such an idea.

After much resistance, from the *Bible-believing community* I might add, this notion was finally accepted as a reasonable scientific theory. But over time it somehow transitioned from being a scientific theory to a scientific fact without any real physical *conclusive* evidence. 

Common sense tells us the earth land we live on is not moving. It tells us the sun, moon and stars are moving in the heavens above us.

Common sense tells us that when any great distances on level terrain or the surface of water is traveled, it is done so on a plane, not on a ball/sphere. There is no spherical curvature to the earth/ land and seas.

Long Straight RoadClouds_over_the_Atlantic_Ocean

Common sense tells us that when any great heights are ascended, the horizon of the earth land and seas meeting the sky always remains at eye-level because we are on a plane, not a ball/sphere.

Common sense tells us the sun and moon are about the same size and that they are much closer than we’ve been led to believe.


But we have been brain-washed…literally. We’ve been told that what we see with our eyes is a result of being on a globe, but yet in the classroom of geometric shapes what should be happening on a globe is not what we experience in real life standing on the earth land, sailing on the seas, or flying in the face of the heavens. It just doesn’t add up.


We are living in an age of *virtual reality*, where we turn to our computer generated apps to see what the heavens are displaying (instead of simply looking up), and to see where we are on the face of the earth land (instead of simply looking around us). We marvel at pretty pictures on a monitor *that have been drawn by men* instead of looking at the handiwork fashioned by our Creator. Most of us (myself included) can barely distinguish between what’s real and what’s fake.

snap-out-of-itWe need to wake up…snap out of it…and get real with what’s real and what’s not.

We need to stop being led by the snout into the ways of this wicked world, and return to our Creator and His ways. He created the heavens, and the earth land and seas beneath them.

The earth land and seas are a fixed plane, not a planet (wandering star).

If you don’t want to just take what Scripture plainly lays out for us, and what our common senses tell us, then do the math and see for yourself…the earth land and seas as a globe just doesn’t add up.

The Math of a Sphere…

In a sphere, the entire surface is curved.

If the circumference of the earth is 25,000 miles then the distance traveled on the earth in any direction would drop off 8 inches in the first mile, 32 inches in the second mile, 72 inches (6 feet) in the third mile, etc.

The drop off isn’t just calculated by multiplying the number of miles traveled by 8 inches. This would be how we calculate a slope of a plane.

The drop off on a sphere is calculated by multiplying the number of miles traveled by the number of miles traveled. Then, dividing that by two times the sphere’s radius. (SOURCE)

For 3 miles traveled in the same direction, the calculation would look like this:

(3 miles x 3 miles ) / (2 x 3,956 miles) = 9 / 7,912 = .0011375 miles

Converting miles to feet: .0011375 miles = 6.006 feet

For 4 miles traveled, the calculation would be:

(4 x 4) / 2 x 3,956 = 16 / 7,912 = .0020222 miles = 10.68 feet

For 5 miles –> 16 foot drop
For 6 miles –> 24 foot drop
For 7 miles –> 32 foot drop
For 8 miles –> 42 foot drop
For 9 miles –> 54 foot drop
For 10 miles –> 66 foot drop
For 20 miles –> 266 foot drop
For 30 miles –> 600 foot drop
For 40 miles –> 1,066 foot drop
For 50 miles –> 1,666 foot drop
For 100 miles –> 6,666 foot drop

Test the Math

If the earth land (and seas) is a sphere, than this should be able to be proven.

If person A (5′ tall) is standing on a pier looking through a telescope at a distance of 3 miles across the ocean to person B (5′ tall) on a similar pier, person A should not be able to see person B if the water is spherical. Person B would have dropped out of view.

When looking at skyscrapers from a distance, one should be able to see the tops of two skyscrapers many miles apart from each other slope away from the center of their distance if the surface they are built on is spherical. The further the distance between the two buildings the greater the tilt should be visible.

Samuel Birley Rowbotham (aka “Parallex”) conducted a series of experiments to test the math over 100 years ago, and he wrote a book entitled, “Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe“, where he lays out the experiments he did. I recommend checking it out.

Many have conducted their own experiments since then, and they can be found all across the internet if one chooses to look. I intend on conducting my own experiments, and will of course share my findings. But with what I’ve seen thus far, I can already tell the notion that the earth land and seas is a sphere does not add up with what we see all around us.

[EDITED 11/7/15 as a result of my study on the Hebrew word “erets” most often translated as “land” and occasionally translated as “earth” and a recent decision to cease referring to the land on which we live as the “earth” commonly defined in English as “a planet”.]

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